Practice Overview

Our ethos is rooted in the complementary characters of our founding architects. Ray Stride was a stickler for detail, buildability and process, whereas Gerry Treglown was a socially adept, intuitive, creative powerhouse.

Together they enshrined a culture of mutual respect and trust; a spirit that lives on in the practice today.

Our talented studios are free to pursue interests and express their creativity in an atmosphere of authentic trust, bound by professional excellence. They are committed to designing for everyday life, developing sustainable communities and creating spaces that people love to use.

We all have a say in the practice and a shared pride in achieving our common goal: satisfy our clients, delight our users & enrich our communities


The culture we generate as an employee-owned practice defines who we are and how we work.

Research and innovation

In addition to our BIM team, whose work leads our digital design future, we also have our own Research and Innovation Hub.

The Hub is a place to identify and develop noteworthy research projects and innovative industry developments.

As consultants who are responsive to our industry, lead change and enjoy the process of connecting and exploring ideas, we actively seek proposals from consultants, clients, research organisations and universities about research initiatives.

The initial focus of research and innovation activity is currently, although not exclusively, based on five main threads;

Evidence based BIM | Sustainability | Design Research | Usability | Collaboration

Design Approach

Good architecture can transform lives and rejuvenate places.

Our architecture is not about pre-determined style or fashion: we strive to generate design that simply feels right.

Our designs generate buildings which sit comfortably in their surroundings, but can also inspire and excite. We endeavour to find solutions that are no more complicated than they need to be, but achieve an elegance derived from thorough analysis and good ideas.

We constantly seek new ways of meeting needs. We explore innovative construction techniques to improve build quality and performance but carefully manage our clients’ risk. We design pragmatically to optimise sustainability.

In summary, we design buildings and spaces that are:

  • Directly reflective of client and user needs
  • Responsive to context
  • Optimal responses to the opportunities of brief and budget
  • Pragmatically sustainable
  • Capable of performing reliably and flexibly throughout their design life
  • Comfortable, inclusive, healthy and safe places to use


We are committed to sustainability and responding to environmental issues across all aspects of our work.

This means seeking ways to limit any potentially negative environmental impact that we may have in terms of carbon emissions, pollution, resources, waste or ecology. At the same time, we actively exploring opportunities to have a positive impact; through re-use, regeneration, using sustainable forms of energy and promoting community, wellbeing, sustainable travel, biodiversity, beauty and delight.

We like to lead by example and are proud of our carbon neutral Cardiff office and our many in-house sustainability initiatives, which include Business Green Weeks, staff allotments and company beehives.