52 Big Ideas for Bristol

15th August 2017

52 Big Ideas for Bristol is a collection of quirky ideas to make the city more sustainable, spark your imagination and drive positive change.

They were inspired by Bristol Green Capital of Europe in 2015 and the events we held at our own offices during our annual Business Green Week. These big ideas are ways to reduce pollution, congestion and wasted energy by offering greener alternatives, as well as smaller, fun ideas to bring communities together. You can download it for free at the bottom of the page.

52 big ideas for bristol book


  • Bristol Colour Capital – get more people painting their homes a bright colour, improve energy efficiency and see the city celebrated as the most vibrant in the UK.
  • Bristol Ferry Commuter Service – allow commuters to use the river as their preferred mode of transport, easing congestion through the city.
  • Portway Greenway – extend the road tunnel below the Suspension Bridge all the way down the Portway. Provide a green roof for nature and a unique route for walkers and cyclists.
  • Food Maps – get Bristol eateries to display where their produce comes from on a map. Encourage them to source locally and help consumers make an informed food choice
  • Temple Mead – provide bee hives along railway tracks, some of the most bio diverse environments. Sell the honey and mead at the train station.

Ideas in action:

No.1 – Bristol Colour Capital – we teamed up with local photographer and social media influencer, Jess Siggers, and Bristol City Council’s ‘Warm Up Bristol’ scheme to put this in place. We should hopefully see more colourful, sustainable houses pop up around the city as a result.

No.47 – Commuter Ferries – working with Bristol Ferries, it is now possible to hop on a water taxi from Bristol’s main train station, Temple Meads. You can then take a ferry into town at peak commuter hours!

Collaborate with us:

We are keen to collaborate on any of the ideas that you might be interested in taking forward, so download your copy below, and let us know what you think.

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