DREAM Assessment Services

DREAM Assessment Services

Defence Related Environmental Assessment Method (DREAM)

It is MOD and Defence Estates policy that DREAM is used wherever possible in preference to any other assessment method.

DREAM was developed by the Defence Estates Strategy & Policy Directorate to address the particular environmental performance aspects of MOD construction projects, and is accepted as being equivalent to BREEAM. Unlike some other forms of assessment, it has been designed to enable project teams to, in the majority of cases, complete assessments themselves without recourse to external assistance.

A DREAM assessment will generally be required in the following circumstances:

  • For new buildings
  • For refurbishment where planning permission is required
  • For refurbishment not requiring planning permission where there are several material or services alterations
  • Developments on legally designated sites
  • Improvement on energy efficiency

The DREAM Process

The ‘Project’ stage of the DREAM process involves ‘Survey’, ‘Design’ and ‘Construction’ stages of assessment. These stages follow on from a Pre- Assessment which runs through the applicable credits to enable the project team to establish which credits they wish to target and achieve; an indicative score and rating for each stage can then be generated.

The survey stage assesses issues concerning site selection, the current state of existing site, the capacity of local infrastructure, and the collation of relevant environmental information for handover to the design team. The design stage reviews the minimisation of the environmental impacts of the building throughout its life (e.g. efficient use of resources and minimal generation of pollution) through efficient and innovative design. Finally the construction stage evaluates managing, monitoring and preventing environmental impacts associated with construction activities.

At the end of the Project stage, and at key points during the assessment, the DREAM Assessor will be able to provide ‘DEAL’ (DREAM Evaluation and Assessment Log) reports, which provide an official record of the assessment progress and/or result.

DREAM Assessments also involve an assessment at ‘Operational’ stage, i.e. once the building has entered use. The responsibility for completing this stage rests with the operator of the facility, and the Project stage DREAM Assessor is not involved.

JSP (Joint Service Publication) Scales

Some credits can be achieved automatically if it can be demonstrated that there is a requirement to work to JSP scales. This can be demonstrated by the provision of contract/appointment documentation as evidence.

Scales How Much Does DREAM Cost?

There are no registration or submission charges associated with DREAM Assessments. As such, the only charges payable are those required by the Project stage DREAM Assessor. Upon request, we will be happy to provide a quote for any DREAM assessment project.

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