Life at Stride Treglown / Building Surveyor

Aditi Kumar

I like the energy I get from other people, working together to get a solution

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I am Aditi Kumar. I am a Building Surveyor at Stride Treglown.

What are your passions/interests?

So I have a big passion for the construction industry – that’s obviously why I’m a building surveyor. It took me a bit of time to get round to coming to this decision to become a building surveyor. My passions outside of work are diving, music, dance, culture.

Who or what inspires you?

I love working in a team really. I like the energy I get from other people, working together to get a solution. So I guess in any new kind of situation whether it’s music or diving or even at work, you always have to communicate and make sure you know that you’re working as a team to come to a feasible and great solution.

How did you get to this point in your life?

I wanted to do something in construction. I thought I’d go down the engineering route but when I got closer to uni, I decided architecture was the way to go. So I did uni in Auckland in New Zealand. I did my master’s in Architecture but then half way through I decided it wasn’t really something that I wanted to pursue. I wanted to get into something slightly different but I wasn’t sure what that was. So I started a Planning degree, finished that and then I found building surveying really as part of the graduate programme. Then ever since I’ve just absolutely loved it really. I like being on site, I like project management, I like you know just dealing with people so it’s basically where I’ve ended up.

What are your experiences working here?

This specific office I think is really good because it’s a very family environment. In here everyone’s always chatting to each other regardless if you work in a project team or not. You always feel really comfortable asking people questions and they’ll give you an answer. It’s great really.

Talk me through your day?

I normally have meetings on site, so typically with contractors to make sure they are building to our specification. Normally I’m on site maybe more than half the day, whether it be managing a project or actually doing a building survey. Typically, when I walk into a construction meeting, nine out of ten times, I’m probably the only female in the room. It sometimes is harder to get people to get on board with ideas.

What are your aspirations?

I want to be leading a team I guess, helping people work through their graduate experience and get more involved with building surveying as a profession, not really just for women but you know as a general kind of profession. I would like to get into a leadership role really and help people figure out what they wanna do, just like I have.

What pressures do you face?

Time – I think that’s a big thing for everyone. There’s not enough time in the day to get everything that you need done really. So that’s a big pressure, in prioritising the workload and making sure you have that balance between work and home life. And making sure you’re actually enjoying both aspects.

What’s your foundation for support?

There’s my husband, my parents, my brother. They all give me some form of support. My family, well my parents and my brother, they’re all away in New Zealand so every now and then it’s just a quick phone call just to have a chat to see what they’re up to and I think that’s really important.