Life at Stride Treglown / Architectural Designer

Mercedes Baldasarre

I want to see women more empowered in any job they’re in

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My name is Mercedes Baldasarre. I’m an Architectural Designer at Stride Treglown.

What are your passions?

I like films, reading, well many things, knitting, yoga. I’m usually quite busy but I try to stay connected to my interests really.

What inspires you?

In my work, I think good architecture inspires me. I look at a lot of architecture and read a lot about architecture, so that’s exciting. And in my life in general, I think empathic people – people that care about other people. I think that’s a general inspiration.

How did you get to this point in your life?

I’m from Argentina. I qualified as an architect in Argentina. I worked in London for a few years and then I moved to Bath. I’ve been at Stride Treglown for four years. I suppose I didn’t follow the traditional path of part one, part two, part three. I’m from a different background. I always feel very welcome at Stride Treglown and that’s great. The Bath office is very supportive. I think it’s a good size – we’re around 20 people – and then we do have the back-up from the big Stride Treglown family, which is great.

Talk me through your day?

Well, it’s usually very busy and to start with I have two kids, so I’m busy at the home as well. I take them to school, then come here; meetings, drawing, all sort of things and go back home, pick up the kids from school and carry on doing work at home really. So it’s a none stop thing but it’s good. I ensure I have that balance of family and work which is great. But being a Mum is also another full-time job so I’m usually quite tired by the time I go to sleep.

What are your aspirations?

Well, I want to think I produce good architecture. I mean that’s my main aspiration; making a difference with the work I do. I like architecture and I’ve been working in architecture for a long time so I think it’s kind of embedded in my life as well. My husband is an architect so I suppose there’s architecture everywhere. It’s good to think that you are making something for the people really, for the end users and they will enjoy that and that will be part of their lives.

What pressures do you face?

I think my main pressures are on the fact that I work and I have a family. You want to do both things the best you can and that sometimes is hard – as I said, it’s like having two jobs really. But the office is relaxed and it’s a good team so I enjoy being here and working. I don’t feel pressure for work usually, except when we have a deadline or something like that but it’s always quite good.

What’s your foundation for support?

My husband, my family, my friends – I think that’s the main thing. I always try to disconnect and go back to my friends and have a chat or something. I think it’s relaxing more than anything else which is good – that helps a lot to get over the everyday things.