Life at Stride Treglown / Senior Associate Technologist

Seya Tansill

I come from a family of grafters

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I’m a Senior Associate Technologist working for Stride Treglown.

What are your passions?

I love how energy moves. I love how we can harness that, or not, to create comfortable and workable living spaces for people in society.

How did you get to this point in your life?

So, I grew up on a building site – I helped build my Mum and Dad’s house. I then trained as a technologist – them telling me that I shouldn’t be an architect. And my career has just taken off from there. I feel that I’m extremely lucky to have been exposed to so much of the industry from very early on; so I understand building and the concept of building much more.

I’ve worked like a Trojan. I have probably put in double the amount of hours as everybody else, but that’s because I absolutely love what I do and I love doing it right. So if something’s not done correctly, I will go back and make sure it has been. And through that it’s also training of others as I go along. That’s who I am, that’s how I’ve been brought up. I come from a family of grafters – it’s just how I am.

I came in as a junior technician and then diverged into sustainability because I had an interest and background in that. I’m now looking at how to streamline and make efficiencies in our working practices – so that’s looking at manufactured design and how we can basically make the industry better for the future; limit our waste, better health and safety and those sort of key drivers.

Talk me through your day?

To talk you through my day, I work within the Senior or Later Living team. A large part of my day is overseeing the team to make sure all the technical delivery is correct. But it’s a growing, emerging sector so I’m looking at how we can grow our client piece and our experience within the team.

What are your aspirations?

I want Later Living and elderly housing to be at the heart of every masterplan and every larger site design across the country. I think that without that we’re segregating a huge demographic of our society who have a huge amount of experience and a wealth of knowledge to feed back into our society. Just because they’re retired doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have the right to input and integrate into our society.

What pressures do you face?

I have huge time pressures. I’m pulled between site delivery – so that’s people on site with queries – and team pressures – so that’s resourcing the team and making sure everyone’s happy, doing what they want to do and people are progressing in the right direction. I go out and do a lot of B2B work so that is speaking with clients and existing sector clients so we can draw experience and cross-pollinate our delivery offer and create a collaborative working practice.

What’s your foundation for support?

Both of my parents were architects; they understand the pressures that we’re all under. Actually they never ask me about it, but I know they understand. They live in the countryside so that’s my escape really, out of the city.