Aditi Kumar

Senior Building Surveyor

Aditi coordinates and manages projects from our Bristol office.

She oversees projects and manages sub-consultants; tracking time, cost and quality to make sure our clients are happy.

What is the current big trend in your sector?

The uptake of surveying technologies, namely BIM software. There’s a lot of excitement around its capabilities to manage and share information and collaborate with other professions within the construction industry. Particularly within the surveying sector, I think many are starting to understand the capacity to create, and store comprehensive information throughout a building’s life-cycle.

If you weren’t in this career, what would you be?

A chef. I love to cook and explore new cuisines and flavour combinations.

Interesting fact that nobody knows about you?

I have been trained/continue to train in Carnatic Music – a traditional south Indian system of Music. I love to sing! There’s nothing like a calming music session before a busy day at work.

Biggest career influence?

My grandad –a retired civil engineer. As a child he would tell me the most amazing stories of his travels around the world building bridges, landmark buildings and working with notable architects. He encouraged me to pursue a career in construction.

What advice would you give your 20 year old self?

Take it easy. Sometimes the best moments in life aren’t planned…they just happen!

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