Cliff Messent

Senior Associate Project Manager

Cliff joined our team in Bath in 2008 as part of our merger with INTEC Management. He offers infrastructure support on major equipment projects such as flight simulators, various aircraft platforms and a high-G centrifuge.

An expert in the defence sector, Cliff works as a technical advisor to the Ministry of Defence’s Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) department.

What are the key challenges affecting the defence sector?

The way projects are procured is changing, with a trend towards the larger supplier organisations, both on the design and construction side. Within the MoD, budget constraints are curtailing infrastructure activity and thus the opportunities available to us. With these constraints, over the last 10 years it has become increasingly challenging to maintain our workload within this sector.

What is your favourite project you’ve worked on?

Working as a structural engineer on the Ark at Hammersmith; a Ralph Erskine design with a really interesting shape. We worked with Swedish developers, and considering it was built back in the early 90s, it’s a landmark building that people still enjoy today.

What is the best building in your city?

The extension to the Holburne Museum. It’s a glass extension attached to the Georgian main building and the way the two pieces of architecture mould together is interesting.

What advice would you give your 20 year old self?

Take more opportunities to work abroad. I worked for six months in Germany on MoD projects, so I would encourage myself to take full advantage of such opportunities. My father worked in Hong Kong on the new airport for a couple of years, so I would have loved to have worked there.

Interesting fact that nobody knows about you?

I enjoy model engineering when I have the spare time; steam railway models, not modern trains.

Industry Bodies:
  • Institution of Civil Engineers