Craig Brown

Associate Architect

Craig specialises in school design and enjoys the challenge of taking projects from concept through to completion.

What’s your favourite project you’ve worked on to date?

Hopefully the answer to this question will always be the project I’m currently working on! At the moment, I am particularly fond of Oasis Academy Temple Quarter. This is a secondary school which will be located in Bristol on an industrial heritage site that I cycle past every day on my way to work. It has a challenging canal-side location and involves the conversion of an existing Grade II listed Boiler Shop into a sports hall. I have really enjoyed working with a great team to develop a design that makes the most of its unique setting.

What is the current big trend in your sector?

In the education sector, and in construction generally, there is a clear trend towards Modern Methods of Construction (MMC). The move towards modular construction and offsite manufacturing within the education sector should bring real benefits to the delivery of school projects in terms of time, cost and quality.

Best building in your city?

I remember coming to Bristol for the first time. I was fresh out of university and here for a job interview with Stride Treglown. After the (nerve wracking) interview, I went on a walk and stumbled across Clifton Cathedral – a stunning, hexagonal, 1970s brutalist building. It has a futuristic, imposing exterior and a deceptively calm and warm interior, lit with high rooflights and a wraparound stained glass wall. Whenever I go back to this beautiful building I always spot a new detail.

Best book you’ve read?

As a child, I loved The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster. It has the most amazing illustrations. I later found out that the author was also an architect – I can’t help but blame him for my chosen career!

What is your proudest moment?

The first school project I worked on as a qualified architect was Marlborough St Mary’s Primary School. Shortly after completion, the school organised building tours led by the pupils. I was shown around by a Year 5 pupil who didn’t know I was the architect for the building! The student pointed out all of the bits of the school she liked – where she enjoyed reading and the spaces where her friends liked to be. It was so lovely to see the building experienced from a pupil’s perspective.

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