David provides the environment, support and guidance to allow his team’s talents to be realised and successful projects delivered.

Having joined the board in 2013, David has been instrumental in our expansion into the South Coast. He leads our ports, harbours and industrial design expertise and is responsible for our architectural team in the Winchester region.

Why did you choose a career in architecture?

I liked the notion of creating something tangible from an idea. My grandfather was an architect and was awarded the RIBA Silver Medal for his scale drawings of Blenheim Palace – inspirational buildings feed both the intellectual curiosity and creative soul of the child.

If you weren’t an architect, what would you be?

An alchemist.

What advice would you give your 20 year old self?

Impossible is just an opinion. The same boiling water which softens the potato, hardens the egg. It’s about what you are made of, not the circumstance. Heed Kipling’s wise counsel and fill each unforgiving minute with sixty seconds’ worth of distance run. The Earth truly will be yours…

Where do you see your career taking you?

Hopefully to a long and happy retirement.  When you can see without being seen, strike without knowing why, and guess correctly where the best fish lie, they have taught you all they can.

What is your favourite project you’ve worked on?

There are so many. Whilst I can remember almost every detail of each building I have designed, my memories really revolve around the people – both the clients I have worked with, and the ability, as a team, to provide a facility which gives others the tools to enhance lives. Be that in the opportunity to manifest a vision, in the creation of social spaces, or in order to allow business to expand successfully. To transmute something lesser into its greatest version… …and we are back to alchemy!

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