John Kirkby

Senior Associate Technologist

John joined Stride Treglown in 1988 after working for several years in Cape Town, South Africa. He has delivered over 19 primary school across the UK and was responsible for the deployment of Stride Treglown’s very own Model Primary School.

John also leads a focus group of CDM advisors, offering health and safety support to designers and principal designers across all offices.

Mentoring graduates on their journey to qualify as architects has been an important and rewarding part of John’s role, and resulted in his nomination for Male Mentor of the Year at the WICE Awards 2019.

Tell us your biggest career influence?

I’ve had a lot of influences, but working in South Africa for seven years in the 80’s taught me a lot. I was working for a private architectural firm on two types of architectural style – modern and post-modern. My years there involved a wide variety of projects, from hospitals and schools to gold mining headquarters, and my experience there was invaluable.

What is your proudest moment?

I’m always proud when I hand over a building and the client expresses how pleased they are with what’s been achieved. That could be a primary school, a major university project or even a bank – it’s the same satisfaction.

What’s your favourite project you’ve worked on?

The Department of Media and Communications Building for Goldsmith University. It’s probably the most challenging, yet most exciting project I’ve done. I was really pleased with the end product and felt the building made a significant contribution to their campus. To build it economically and to meet the planner’s aspirations was a really difficult conundrum, but we got there, and the building was better for it.

Other than architecture, what other profession would you be in?

I’ve wanted to work in architecture since the age of 10, but I would have also liked to have worked in healthcare, maybe as a paramedic. I was exposed to that kind of profession when I had a motorbike accident at 18. The way they helped me is invaluable and the most satisfying work I do now is when I know I’ve made a difference to other people’s lives.

Industry Bodies:
  • Association of Project Safety (IMaPS)