Keith Deaney

Associate BIM & Digital Consultant

Keith delivers exceptional BIM advice as we phase into a more digital design remit, correlating with the construction industry’s increase in the use of virtual reality and drones.

As associate BIM consultant, Keith focuses on improving our BIM capability across all of the Stride Treglown offices.

What is the current big trend in the digital design world?

Artificial Intelligence (AI). The information modelling I do is gearing towards automation and using computer programming to help people come up with better design solutions. With the rise of AI, I use analysis and algorithms to harvest data from building models, and then work out how we can use that data in our buildings; both physically and at the design stage. My role has also evolved into working with clients and understanding what they want from their building’s data. When it’s handed over we look at what they can use for the lifecycle of the building and ultimately how it’s going to help utilise space.

And what are the key challenges that those trends bring?

Diversifying BIM to meet the demands of the digital trends. The use of software to design buildings is on the rise and it will only continue growing. With the increased use of mobiles, laptops and tablets in our everyday lives, people want information to hand and this is having a big influence on the way contractors are doing things on site. Because of the shift in how we’re creating data, there will be a shift in how we use it.

Do you have a favourite building in your city?

Laverstoke Mill, after it was redeveloped by Heatherwick. It was a 300 year old paper mill that Bombay Sapphire decided to transform into a sustainable distillery. It’s an incredible redevelopment, where special care has been taken to preserve the building’s natural ecology and heritage and I love the fact that the River Test flows through it.

What is your proudest moment?

The birth of my daughter, seconded only by ‘Most Improved Scout 1994’.

What is the best book you’ve ever read?

The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant by Stephen R. Donaldson. It’s a series of 10 fantasy novels and it’s sci-fi, so right up my street.