Sam Higgins

Associate Architect

Sam is a fountain of visual scripting knowledge, applying it to Revit to make project workflows as efficient as possible. He is also part of Generation for Change (G4C), an inspiration platform to talk about why construction is a good place to spend your career.

Sam is an associate architect with a vast range of experience on residential, commercial and higher education projects, and currently specialises in project delivery and BIM.

What’s your favourite project you’ve worked on to date?

The New Adelphi at the University of Salford. It was an incredibly diverse programme with a set of specific technical requirements all rolled into one building. It houses a theatre, dance school, music studios, photography studio and even an architecture school.

Its requirements were fixed but they’ve still had to keep their eye on future flexibility and building a building that will be relevant in 25-30 years’ time.

What is the best networking event you’ve been to?

Any G4C North West event, obviously! We have loads of fresh outlooks and look to ways of changing the industry for the better.

What is the best building in your city?

Manchester has a lot of great buildings. I really enjoy the Daily Express Building on Great Ancoats Street. It’s from 1939, but it looks like it was built yesterday. It just sits there on a very busy traffic route just on the edge of the Northern Quarter – it’s fantastic.

What is the role of an architect?

Architecture is in a strange place right now, somewhat undervalued and at the cusp of great technological upheaval. We need to reiterate the value added by design, stay on top of cutting edge industry developments and lead the way into more digitally enabled built environments.
A brave new world is coming in terms of how we’re able to collaborate in real time. As more technologies feed into the buildings we design and deliver, we’ve got to be on our toes.

Industry Bodies:
  • ARB
  • Manchester Revit Group
  • UK Dynamo User Group
  • G4C North West
  • Steacey Greenway award for best portfolio in MArch, 2013