Steven Bradshaw

Senior Associate Technician

Steven shares his knowledge of the construction industry to his colleagues by running technical reviews and workshops.

Steven is a Senior Associate Technician, leading technical delivery in Manchester. He has experience working with a variety of different building types. His role also incorporates the positions of IMS Manager and Principal Designer Lead. He contributes to practice wide groups and initiatives to manage and improve related skills for both himself and colleagues across Stride Treglown.

What is the current big trend in your work?

Keeping up with events and changes following the report from the Grenfell tragedy. It’s my job to ensure we’re aware of every change in Building Regulations legislation, understand and review the implications. I hope to see building regulations become tighter and more concise so there’s less room for misinterpretation and error.

What’s your favourite project you’ve worked on to date?

Probably The Lock Building, an apartment block in the centre of Manchester I worked on with a previous practice. It’s a striking building form with some complexity and challenges in terms of design and dealing with a very contractual builder on a traditional form of contract. This was all done before Revit; with complex geometry worked out the old fashioned way. It’s my favourite because I love solving problems, especially when it’s challenging.

What is the best networking event you’ve been to?

This may not count as a networking event, but it was on a project site I was running; Moss Side Millennium Powerhouse in 1999. As part of the funding deal, the client had to raise a portion of the finance themselves. So an event was organised when the primary structure was complete and local businesses were invited to put their hands in their pockets. The community really got behind the project, it was great to see. Bobby Charlton was there to encourage the generosity of those attending. My boss and I gave him a lift to another venue for refreshments and we go past Asda. He starts telling us how great the breakfast is there! An absolute legend is sat behind me, but there’s no chat about him, football or George Best… just a nice old bloke talking about breakfast at Asda.

If you weren’t in this career, what would you be?

I had a leaning towards architecture and design from around eight years old after watching a series on TV about a Dutch detective Van Der Valk. I was fascinated by the Dutch architecture and from that point I wanted to design buildings. However, I had an ear for music from a similar age. I remember watching a film on the life of George Gershwin – hearing Rhapsody in Blue – and thinking wow! My best piece of writing at school was a deconstruction and critique of a musical piece which earned me an A++ mark. So if my school had music higher up their curriculum, maybe I would have landed somewhere else?!

Pet hate?

People complaining that a task is difficult, “too hard” or, even worse, “why can’t we just do it that way?” – this applies to both contractors and designers a like. If it’s difficult then it’s not impossible. In my view, it should be seen as a challenge to be overcome. Work hard at it and there’s a solution to everything.


Steven has delivered a number of projects throughout his career that have won awards or have been commended in the relevant categories.

  • RIBA North West
  • Civic Trust
  • Manchester Society of Architects
  • LABC
  • Brick Association Awards
  • Wienerberger Brick Book Awards 2008
  • National Housing Awards
  • Manchester Evening News Residential Awards
  • Trafford Design Awards