Vicki Shepherdson

Senior Associate Architect

We recently welcomed Vicki to the Stride Treglown team. She joins us from Boyes Rees Architects and brings with her extensive experience in the healthcare sector.

Vicki loves designing buildings and spaces which can help heal people and ease their stress at very worrying times in their lives.

If you weren’t in this career, what would you be?

Unfortunately, my early dreams of being a jockey were dashed at age eight as I was already too tall!

Biggest career influence?

The Maggie’s Centres around the world have been inspirational to me and my career. The patient/client is at the heart of every building’s design. The idea of the kitchen table as a social focus point where everyone is welcome is a truly wonderful idea.

What advice would you give your 20 year old self?

It sounds cheesy, but I think I would say, “Just believe in yourself Vicki, sometimes there is a glimmer of awesomeness!”

Interesting fact that nobody knows about you?

When I was 14, I fell off a horse and one of my arm bones popped through my elbow. I had to have a four hour operation, one plate and four screws embedded. But I still love horse riding! And fortunately, I don’t set the metal detectors off at airports.

Pet hate?

Designers who feel that healthcare buildings need to look clinical. In my opinion they can be well-designed hotels with all the added features. Noisy eaters are quite annoying too!

Best building in your city?

I live in a tiny town called Bradford-on-Avon and the best building there has got to be my best friend’s wine bar which she is just renovating. In Bath, our closest city, it’s the extension to The Holburne Museum. I love the contrast between the new and old, it helps to accentuate the best of both buildings.

Best book you’ve read?

The Oi Cat / Oi Dog series is hands down the funniest set of books you will read…to your children anyway.

Industry bodies
  • ARB
  • Women in Property

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