Eastleigh Borough Council Offices

Eastleigh, Hampshire
Eastleigh Borough Council

Eastleigh House is unrecognsible after full refurbishment

A full refurbishment project for 350 employees sounds like a big task. Delivering a modern and sustainable office space is even more challenging.

Eastleigh House required a complete makeover. Unable to support a growing headcount of people working for Eastleigh Borough Council, the existing undercroft within the footprint of the building has been filled in order to create additional floor space. The improved public space seeks to give the office a legible setting with a new entrance area, external amenity space and cohesive boundary treatments. With a new contemporary render facade, 100sqm of PV-rainscreen cladding and a new glass box at the corner, the building is now unrecognisable from its original appearance and a landmark in the town.

A £8.3m BREEAM ‘Excellent’ project, the building has been reconfigured to provide simple, well designed low energy workspaces with a high level of sustainability. PV-panels on part of the south elevation and the flat roof form part of the 15% renewable strategy, as does the energy efficient lighting, improved insulation and air tightness of the existing building.

Since the move, the Council has settled in well and staff are delighted with the result.

A really excellent, enjoyable environment to work
in, lovely and light… Really proud to work in such
a great building..!

Jessica Mendez, Customer Service Manager, EBC

A previously unwelcoming building and a stuffy, depressing, unpleasant working environment has been transformed into a bright, flexible, energy efficient and uplifting place to visit and work.