Horizon 120 Enterprise Centre

  • Location

    Great Notley, Braintree

  • Client

    Braintree District Council

  • Value


  • Completion


A pioneering, landmark development that sets the character of the wider Horizon 120 Business & Innovation Park

The new Enterprise Centre for the Horizon 120 Business & Innovation Park is part of the ‘Horizon Hub’ a prominent, publicly accessible area for the wider business park and local community.

Close collaboration

We worked closely with our client’s team to develop the brief and were guided by a Local Development Order framework which laid out the design standards and aspirations for a ‘healthy working’ lifestyle.

We were tasked with delivering a high-quality scheme which serves as a landmark development, pioneering the character and setting of the innovation park and a benchmark of high-quality that Braintree District Council are looking to achieve.

Embarking on a journey to create a new innovation and entrepreneurial hub in the midst of the Covid pandemic, we reflected upon the future post-pandemic workplace and kept spaces as flexible as possible.

The teams worked remotely throughout the entire design process, relying on video conferencing and 3D modelling technology to convey ideas and record feedback on emerging design proposals. This required a disciplined and precise approach to the stakeholder engagement to ensure that proposals were delivered succinctly, and all feedback was captured.

A decisive and expedient process

The project progressed at pace to ensure we met the funding deadlines resulting in the scheme design progressing from RIBA Stage 1-4 in just 23 weeks. This was only possible through constructive collaboration with all stakeholders and a decisive and expeditious decision-making process. Working under Local Development Order enabled the planning process to be streamlined and eliminated risks of delays progressing the scheme.

As part of the brief development we researched and appraised similar local Enterprise Centres and took the client team to a successful co-working and maker space to offer insight of the potential that the facilities could offer.