RIBA Competition: Centenary Square

RIBA Competition

A proposal inspired by the culture and history of Birmingham

This public realm regeneration competition was hosted by RIBA in 2015 and the site, Centenary Square, is located in the heart of Birmingham city centre.

Our proposal was inspired by the local, cultural and historical site specific references to the city of Birmingham. Our design features a dynamic space that will unify the public realm. We proposed taking the simple shape of the paving pattern and placing it over key focal points; Hall of Memory, Library ‘Well’ and Symphony Hall entrance. The overlapping circles create elegant ‘latticework’ to bring the space together as one; the lattice is in reference to Birmingham’s steel history, as well as the new library.

The aim of the design was to dissipate linear movement patterns and provide a variety of intimate spaces; from relaxation to large scale events. Our proposal links with surrounding open spaces, whilst encouraging people into the central area of the square. We also suggested a series of ‘green living rooms’ to act as a wind buffer.

Natural stone paving, bespoke kinetic benches, water features and interactive lighting were also part of the design, as were Fastigate Oak and broad canopied Tulip trees.