Sainsbury’s, Weymouth


New sustainable store as part of the Weymouth Gateway Development

Weymouth Sainsbury’s is a 40,000sqft eco-store, forming part of the Weymouth Gateway Development. The building utilises pioneering new sustainable technologies and construction techniques to reduce its carbon footprint, including a hybrid Glulam and steel frame, a highly insulating timber roof and a biogas generator providing 100% of the heat and electricity required for the building.

A hybrid structure was chosen due to the tight programme of 5.5 months. The eco-store credentials and aesthetic informed the use of Glulam front of house with steel frame back of house.

The design was developed using an integrated BIM methodology, which allowed us to collaborate closely with the contractor and their specialist consultant team to create clear and accurate production information.

B&K structures were the suppliers for the main frame, employed directly by Sainsbury’s and accepted by Principal Contractor, Longrass, as a subcontractor.

The main lessons learnt from this project were through the procurement processes. Procured as a traditional D&B contract it was difficult to allow the necessary time for design coordination that should be undertaken for Glulam frame. Although the programme was met, a higher number of site issues were encountered.

Revit and 3D modelling enabled improved site communication to overcome these issues at the time. Suitable site storage was not foreseen at the beginning resulting in some spoiling of internal finished elements. This is a lessons learnt always flagged at project commencement.