Stride Treglown Receives Cyber Essentials Accreditation

19th December 2016
Stride Treglown Receives Cyber Essentials Accreditation

Stride Treglown is pleased to announce that it has received Cyber Essentials accreditation and is now able to use the Cyber Essentials logo. This shows our clients and suppliers that we are taking the relevant steps to ensure cyber security as laid out by the Government.

The Government is endeavouring to reduce the level of cyber risk in supply chains, and Cyber Essentials accreditation is now mandatory for all Central Government contracts. The accreditation shows that an organisation is taking basic measures to protect against the most common threats; it is believed that implementing these measures significantly reduces an organisation’s vulnerability.

Fortunately at Stride Treglown, most of the requirements laid out by the Cyber Essentials schemes were already in place, demonstrating that our information technology systems are fit for purpose and that our customers’ confidence in us is well-founded. Consequently, it took Stride less than eight weeks from project inception to achieve the first level of accreditation.

This achievement is the first step towards full accreditation to the Cyber Essentials Plus level which we aim to achieve next year. Cyber Essentials Plus includes vulnerability tests performed by external auditors within our offices to ensure that our systems are as robust and secure as they should be.

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