Tom Gould’s BIM journey with the Met Office

2nd December 2016
Tom Gould’s BIM journey with the Met Office

Housing a £97m supercomputer in a controlled environment requires the precise management of data and information, as well as close collaboration with the client and project team. Tom Gould was our BIM Co-ordinator for this innovative project and has been interviewed by BIM+. Tom explains the project’s BIM journey:

It is so exciting to be at the cutting edge of the digitisation of our industry and working on one of the most prestigious projects in the country. It is good when we get to the end and you can reflect on what has been achieved.

Stride Treglown led the Met Office through the maze of BIM terminology and misunderstanding to a point where they now possess practical data that matches their needs for the future management of the building.

The BIM team and I were determined to test and trial new process for data integration within our asset models. We worked closely with the architects on the project to define new workflow processes for future projects to ensure fast and efficient delivery of data.


Met Office Data Centre, Exeter, Devon

Head of Workplace, Tristan Rhodes oversaw Stride Treglown’s work for the Met Office. He said:

The complexity of this project demanded close collaboration between all of the team members and we saw the use of BIM as integral to this. Tom’s input has been fantastic. His patience reassured the whole team a bespoke information strategy would deliver an efficient but effective asset management tool.