A spotlight on Future Plymouth 2030

21st June 2021
A spotlight on Future Plymouth 2030

Since making the shortlist for two Constructing Excellence SW Awards – Digital Construction and Integration & Collaborative Working – it’s time to shine a well-deserved spotlight on Future Plymouth 2030 and one of its founding members, Sarah Lee.

The Future Plymouth 2030 webinar series brings together the best minds in sustainability and the built environment to explore collaborative ways to achieve low carbon development.

The series is sponsored by the RIBA Plymouth branch, University of Plymouth Sustainable Earth Institute (including Low Carbon Devon) and, more recently, Plymouth City Council who made their support of the series a formal action within their Climate Emergency Action Plan at the start of 2021.

Despite being called ‘Future Plymouth’, the programme explores topics which are relevant at a local and global level. Forty-eight national speakers as well as local experts, from the University, Plymouth City Council, local practitioners, and contractors, have contributed so far, using projects and initiatives as ‘good news’ case studies.

Since its launch in November 2020, the series has been a huge hit with over 1,200 live webinar attendees. It has achieved engagement at all levels, from students and lecturers to local construction professionals, Local Authority officers, clients, developers, and even folk who are ‘just interested’ to learn more.

We’re proud to be one of the lead partners, supporting Sarah Lee, Associate Architect and RIBA South West Chair Elect, and the small group of people working extremely hard behind the scenes to develop such an engaging programme.

Commenting on the series, Sarah said:

We have less than nine years to achieve the ‘net zero carbon’ 2030 targets set by Plymouth City Council and many other councils across the country. We all need to ‘do our bit’ and we believe the collaborative, ‘bottom up’ approach of Future Plymouth 2030 has an essential role to play. We hope to trigger ‘lightbulb moments’ in many people’s heads and empower them, with knowledge and the right tools, to take positive climate action.

After fourteen webinars, the series is now taking a short break and is set to return in Autumn 2021. In the meantime, you can catch up with previous webinars via the Future Plymouth 2030 YouTube channel.

For more information, get in touch with Founding Member of Future Plymouth 2030, Sarah Lee. Follow #FP2030 on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram for the latest updates.