We have over 300 people at Stride Treglown and they're all full of ideas.

These are the initiatives that they’ve set up to improve their local area. If you like what you see, please get involved. Contact us to find out more.

Photo courtesy of Jess Siggers (@porthjess)

52 Big Ideas for Bristol

52 Big Ideas for Bristol is a collection of quirky ideas to make the city more sustainable. They are designed to spark your imagination and influence positive change.

Bristol Colour Capital

An initiative to get more people painting their homes a bright colour, improve their homes energy efficiency and see the city celebrated as the most vibrant in the UK.

bristol ferry commuter service

Bristol Ferry Commuter Service

Allow commuters to use the river as their preferred mode of transport, easing congestion through the city.

Portway Greenway

Extend the road tunnel below the Suspension Bridge all the way down the Portway, provide a green roof for nature and a unique route for walkers and cyclists.

Food Maps

Get Bristol eateries to display where their produce comes from on a map, encouraging them to source locally and help consumers make an informed food choice.

Temple Meads

provide hives along railway tracks, some of the most bio diverse environments, and use then sell the honey and mead at the station.

Waters of Bath

The winning idea from the Imagine Bath RIBA public competition in 2016. Rob Delius’ idea celebrates the city’s history with a network of water features, designed by you.

Introducing water features to Bath would be economically beneficial, attracting more visitors by making it an even enjoyable place to visit. It would also be good for our wellbeing; it’s proven that introducing water to our urban environment makes a significant impact on our health and quality of life.

A competition would be held to design the features, while maps created by the Tourist Board would create a trail for visitors to follow.


The water features could take many different forms. Some would be calming, while others would be exciting. It would create an aquatic soundtrack to our streets, from gushing and fizzing to gurgling and tinkling.

As a Bath resident, Rob wants to see the city meet its full potential, so please get in touch for more information. Show your support by following @WatersOfBath or by sharing

Contact: Rob Delius

Doing the Lambeth Stride

For the London Festival of Architecture 2017, our London studio held an exhibition to discover Lambeth’s history.

They used social media to unearth memories, posting photos of the area to Instagram and Twitter that were displayed on Visitors were encouraged to contribute with #LambethStride.

The exhibition showed 820 printed photographs of the area, each with its own story to tell. You can see more in the video below.

We are now looking for a new home for the exhibition so that people can keep learning about this historic borough, while adding to its memory.

For more info, contact Katie Parfitt and Ray Williamson

The following are initiatives that we didn’t set up, but our local offices support.

Building Plymouth

A Council-led partnership between local construction and built environment stakeholders. It links local people with jobs, apprenticeships, training courses and career opportunities.

Creative Cardiff

Creative Cardiff is a network which connects people working in any creative organisation, business or job in the Cardiff region. They encourage people to work together and maximise the city’s creative potential.

During their first year, Creative Cardiff offered a programme of ’52 Things’ for the city’s creative community. That’s one thing each week to inspire, inform and engage those working in Cardiff’s creative economy.

The network aims to bring together everybody from the city’s creative economy, from dancers and marketers, to architects and app developers. By collaborating and sharing ideas, they want to encourage more innovation and creativity.

Contact: Simon Trew