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The places around us shape us.

We are committed to creating places that leave a lasting legacy of enabling people to thrive.

About us

The Urban Design Studio at Stride Treglown carries out three main services: masterplanning, design guidance and engagement and consultation. It is also the curator of the Place Initiative, a company-wide ethos and approach to holistic and people-centric design practice and thinking.

Our broad placemaking experience enables us to create visions for all types of environments: from dense urban environments to open and green landscapes; from the neighbourhood to the home. Our team draws upon the multi-disciplinary expertise of our urban and landscape designers, planners and architects to identify the ingredients needed to bring a place to life.

Collaboration and social value

We are a studio with collaboration at the heart of all we do. We are expert urban designers and born communicators, with a drive for social benefit. We know that working effectively with all the people who make projects happen, from clients to the local community, planning officers to council members, is the key to unlocking the best process to create the optimum outcomes for all stakeholders.

Creativity vs. pragmatism

We have a creative heart and pragmatic head – the perfect balance for solving the challenges of place-making and producing high-quality, deliverable and sustainable places. This is evident in our experience around the country, where we marry the needs of our clients with those of the local communities we seek to serve.

National reputation, local connection

Stride Treglown is a large company with a national reputation and the experience and resources to tackle complex projects from estate regeneration through to city-wide frameworks. Yet, our local offices located across the country connect us to local issues, people and places.


Our approach to all our urban design projects is based on the three ‘P’s:

Working out the best method for carrying out our projects is critical. Knowing when to ask the right questions, when to collaborate with the wider team and how much time different aspects of the project will take ensures we produce the best outcome. We always remain open-minded to bring learning from other projects and to be adaptable to challenges that arise during the project. We believe in a positive approach to problem-solving and always seek to get the best possible outcome for every step of our project outcomes.
The Great Get Together 2019 organised by Tim and Holly
Working effectively with individuals who have a stake or association with projects means that they can input their expert knowledge of the project and site context. Genuinely integrating people into the process can also foster a sense of belonging and support for the project.
The delivery of high quality places is only effective when planning and design are brought together. Our team is led by dedicated urban design consultants who are experienced in integrating these disciplines to develop robust, policy responsive proposals.


We seek to create great places using our expertise in developing masterplans. Whether strategic or detailed, our robust approach ensures that we work to understand the unique characteristics of a place. We respond with solutions that work for both the client and the wide range of potential end-users, years on from the completion of the commission.

Our approach is to facilitate multi-disciplinary and multi-stakeholder input to ensure the brief and design development accommodates the needs of everyone. We have the added benefit of being able to draw upon the expertise of our sector-based architectural studios to embed an additional layer of robustness to our masterplans.


We have extensive experience in providing masterplanning services in many different sectors and environments, including urban extensions, urban and estate regeneration, complex infill sites and university and hospital estates.

The masterplanning process supports a number of different types of outcomes depending on the requirements for each project. We deliver:

  • Outline planning permissions
  • Supplementary Planning Documents (SPD)
  • Site allocation in local plans
  • Site capacity and feasibility studies
  • Development frameworks /estate strategies
  • Investment prospectus

Consultation and Engagement

We believe that meaningful participation, whether it be in the form of consulting or co-designing, will contribute to the studio’s key objective to establish genuinely successful places that are focused on enabling communities to thrive.

This means embedding our people-focused company culture into the heart of the design process. We do this by building from our ethos of celebrating the people who are part of a place and combining it with our curiosity of how people use our finished projects.

We stand by the concept that as consultants, we provide the expertise for design, and as the future inhabitants and stakeholders of a project, the local community are the experts of the place.

Design experts: Stride Treglown + Local experts: The community = Genuinely successful places focused on enabling communities to thrive.

Consultation and engagement is typically part of most projects that we carry out. We provide the following key services, either as stand alone projects or as part of a wider design service:

  • Engagement strategies
  • Delivery of stakeholder workshops
  • Delivery of public participation events

Design Guidance

Getting the brief right is critical for any project. Design guides and codes, if created effectively, have the potential to shape places in the best possible way. When developed well, they also define the standards that are necessary for a particular place and its context, whether that be a borough, a neighbourhood, an estate or a campus.

We have the experience of developing frameworks and design guidance for many different clients. We are passionate about working alongside client teams and key stakeholders to get to the heart of the local challenges and priorities to ensure that they can be targeted in the guidance document. Our town planning expertise helps to ensure that national and local policy forms the backbone to the document. This ensures that any development emerging from the guidance is robust and responsive.

Key services as part of our design guidance service include:

  • Creating design guides and codes
  • Regeneration and masterplanning brief-writing
  • Stewardship advice
  • Client Design Advisor role
  • Design monitoring
  • Sitting on design review panels
  • Marking and mentoring university students


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  • Metric Property Investments/Mercian Developments
  • Salford City Council
  • University of Wales Trinity St David
  • University of Wales, Trinity Saint David

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