Successful projects emerge from resilient and respectful partnerships. This is why we seek to develop long-term relationships and always look to improve them.

At any point in time, we want to stand with the people we work with and look back on a project we’re all proud of. This is where Engage helps.

Engage is our formal listening programme for gathering client feedback. This helps us continue to deliver on the elements of the service experience our clients value and improve the areas that need attention.

How does Engage work?

Engage is supported by customer experience specialists, Insight6, who will invite clients and partners to participate in Engage at three project stages:

Appointment Survey

Insight6 send an email invitation to complete our survey after appointment.

1:1 Phone Interview

Insight6 may ask selected contacts to take part in an in-depth 1:1 phone interview.

Completion Survey

Insight6 send another survey on completion of a project.

We hope that all our partners, clients and collaborators value the opportunity to participate in this process and we look forward to a positive working relationship with you.

What our clients and partners say:

For general enquiries about Engage, please get in touch with: