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Welcome to Stand Tall
with Rachel Bell

Stand Tall is conversations with people blazing a trail across property, architecture, engineering and construction.

Expect fast flowing conversations about life, careers, and defining moments. Stay tuned for the quick fire questions towards the end for pearls of wisdom, advice and humour.

The podcast follows in the spirit of Rachel’s personal mantra: Stand Tall.

When I’ve had to step into a new situation, or face a fear, Stand Tall has helped me do it. And it’s not just something I can do, Stand Tall is about supporting and encouraging others to step outside of their comfort zone and to try something they may have feared doing.

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Season 3

Season 3 returns in 2023 to bring you more fast-paced and candid conversations with trailblazers across property, architecture, construction, and engineering. Discover the journeys they have taken to get where they are now and hear about their Stand Tall moments.

Season 2

Throughout 2022, Rachel was joined by several guests who each offered a fascinating perspective on the importance of developing healthy lifestyles and creating places where people can thrive. Listen back to hear about their unique journeys into the industry and how they’re now blazing a trail across property, architecture, construction and engineering.

Season 1

Stride Treglown proudly co-sponsored Season 1, published under the Women in Property podcast title: The Word. During her year as National Chair of Women in Property, Rachel was joined by brilliant guests including Alice Lamb, Priya Shah, Chris Brown, Kate Webb, Annie Marston, and Katie McManus.

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