We stand for Better Places, Empowered People & Resilient Partnerships.

Who are we?

Stride Treglown is an employee-owned architectural practice and a Certified B Corporation®

We stand for Better Places, Empowered People and Resilient Partnerships.

Over 300 of us work in a collective of studios formed of architects, designers and specialists.

Our expertise spans the sectors of Civic, Commercial, Education, Healthcare, Infrastructure and Residential.

Our network of 9 regional offices means we are embedded in the communities that we work and live in.

Together with our clients, we aim to improve the lives of future generations.

That’s why we promote a form of design that isn’t driven by ego, but by purpose.


We are employee-owned, so everybody has a say in what we do and how we work.

We employ and develop the best creative talent and then give people the freedom to pursue what interests them. They are encouraged to help make key business decisions.

Through our Employee Forum, we asked our staff to sum up their perception of Stride Treglown’s culture. They identified three themes:

Freedom – to work flexibly, progress professionally, express creativity and positively influence change across the practice.

Integrity – to do the right thing, lead by example, be open and honest, and act with professionalism.

Individuality – to try something bold and unique.

We put health and wellbeing first, and not just for our building users. We were the first UK organisation to achieve ‘Excellence’ in all eight areas of the Workplace Wellbeing Charter; a great excuse for a garden party.

These are strong expressions of our culture made by those who shape it. They represent an attitude that influences everything that we do.

Research and Innovation Hub

A place to develop noteworthy research projects.

We love exploring new ideas and are open to proposals from consultants, clients, research organisations and universities about new initiatives. If you fall in this category and have an idea, please do get in touch.

We are currently focusing on five main threads;

Evidence based BIM | Sustainability | Design Research | Usability | Collaboration

Social Value

Social value is at the heart of everything we do and believe.

It’s central to our project work, initiatives, events and partnerships. And driving it forward are our people, all passionate and empowered to inspire positive change.

But there’s always room for improvement. That’s why we’re now on a journey to formalise how we achieve social value in the hope that we’ll generate even better outcomes.

Guided by our Social Value Task Group, we’re focusing on six goals across  the themes of Better Places, Empowering People and Resilient Partnerships:

Better Places:

Environment:  A low carbon, low waste future

Social: Healthier, Safer and more Resilient places

Empowering People:

Skills:  Improved skills and personal development

Employment: Supporting and developing positive employment outcomes

Resilient Partnerships:

Supply chains:  Ethical sourcing & investment

Growth:  Promoting an excellent local and regional ecosystem of businesses, organisations and VCSEs

Download our emerging Social Value Policy for more information

Design Approach

Good architecture can transform lives and rejuvenate places.

We focus on the needs of individuals and use design to improve their emotional wellbeing and surroundings. This simple philosophy informs all our work.

Our responsibility is to interpret the aspirations of those who commission us – and those who inhabit the places we design – in a way that responds directly to need. Each project is unique and our approach is always to seek bespoke solutions.

These solutions are the product of analysis of physical context and close engagement with our clients. We consider time spent developing a real understanding of requirements at the initial stages of a project as invaluable. It forms the basis for creating clear, simple and appropriate design solutions.

Appointing us is easy.

Our architecture is not about pre-determined style or fashion: we strive to create spaces and places that people love to use.

We design buildings which sit comfortably in their surroundings, but also inspire and excite. We find simple solutions, but achieve an elegance derived from thorough analysis and good ideas.

We explore innovative construction techniques to improve build quality and performance but carefully manage our clients’ risk. We design pragmatically to optimise sustainability.


We are committed to sustainability and responding to environmental issues across all aspects of our work.

This means seeking ways to limit any potentially negative environmental impact that we may have in terms of carbon emissions, pollution, resources, waste or ecology. At the same time, we are actively exploring opportunities to have a positive impact; through re-use, regeneration, using sustainable forms of energy and promoting community, wellbeing, sustainable travel, biodiversity, beauty and delight.

We like to lead by example and are proud of our carbon neutral Cardiff office and our many in-house sustainability initiatives, which include Business Green Weeks, staff allotments and company beehives.

Take a look at our Environmental Report

On the 7th June 2022, 342 out of offices were set.

We all came together to celebrate and reflect on the positive impact we have made as individuals, teams and as a practice.