Cora Kwiatkowski Runner Up in the Zumtobel Photographic Competition

4th March 2016
Cora Kwiatkowski Runner Up in the Zumtobel Photographic Competition

Well done to Cora Kwiatkowski, Division Director for Stride Treglown, who won 2nd prize in the popular Zumtobel Photographic Competition this year. Her winning photo was taken in the Cathedral of Notre Dame, Lausanne, Switzerland.

All photos are taken on disposable cameras with 27 exposures each issued by Zumtobel to over 1,000 entrants and submitted unprocessed. The format of the competition is unique as it is a level playing field with everyone using the same technical equipment and entrants not seeing their work until it has been assessed.

zumtobel photographic competition

Cora had already been a awarded a ‘Highly Recommended’ in 2014 in the same competition and has again embraced the limitations of this analogue-era device. She commented:

“It is very exciting to have been awarded 2nd prize, especially with this photo of a special personal place. I lived in Lausanne as a student and this very fine gothic building always fascinated me. Rows of wooden chairs were lined up in the side aisle with the light streaming through the tall windows. The chairs momentarily carried a certain gravitas, looking delightful in their simplicity. I enjoyed capturing this transformation, which might otherwise have gone unnoticed. As an architect, I love to design with light and this competition is a great showcase of how important light is in our lives.”


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