Andrew Sprague

Associate Director

Andrew leads our Healthcare team in Plymouth with a particular focus on the delivery of multiple projects of various scale and value.

Andrew has been with Stride Treglown since 1990 and is now part of the management team in our Plymouth studio.

What are the key challenges that affect Healthcare, or are likely to in the next five years?

A lot of existing NHS Trusts we work with have an ageing estate. The challenge is how these estates and buildings can be modernised quickly, with ever increasing programme and investment constraints, to not only meet the net zero carbon agenda but to ensure the NHS can meet the challenges of an ageing population.

Using a different approach for delivering buildings, such as Modern Methods and construction and standardisation, is already happening and likely to play an important role alongside the more traditional forms of delivering buildings in the coming years.

Why did you choose a career in architecture ?

As a young 16 year old spending time doing work experience in several architects’ offices, I recall thinking that it would be nice to draw for a living. Even then I understood that buildings play such an important role in our every day lives. I was interested in, and still am, the technical and more detailed aspects of construction and how problems are solved which is why I choose the Technologist career path.

What’s your favourite project you’ve worked on to date?

Sainsburys Dartmouth 2008. It was a flagship store at the time incorporating low carbon and renewable technologies e.g. biomass boiler, wind turbines, rainwater harvesting electric vehicle charging, recycled materials, cold air recycling from store to cool office spaces, timber glulam frame. When you look back, the building was probably 10 years ahead of its time and only now are some of the technologies we used becoming the norm on projects today.

Interesting fact that nobody knows about you?

I am an experienced drummer and enjoy being a key component of a band responsible for keeping everyone together, skills that I can relate to my professional career. As Neil Peart (drummer for Rush) once said, “Don’t leave spontaneity to chance”. It’s a mantra that can be applied during the technical delivery stage of projects which need to be very precise, accurate and well thought-out.

What’s the greatest invention ever?

Apart from the drum kit, the coffee machine – I love a vanilla latte!

Industry bodies:
  • MCIAT (Chartered Member of the Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists)
  • AaPS (Associate Member of the Association for Project Safety)