Anthony Walsh

Divisional Director

Anthony works across all sectors, company-wide, and has over 20 years experience in the construction industry.

He ensures all technical aspects of a project are delivered, including Building Regulations, British Standards, fire safety and health and safety.

Why did you choose a career in architecture?

I was always very good at technical drawing, so that is how I first started to follow the path, but took the route of architectural technology because I am more interested in the technicalities and understanding how buildings go together.

The first project of my career involved the dismantling of an old listed Police Station in Pontypridd, to be rebuilt in exactly the same form on another site. This taught me so much about buildings that I’ve never looked back.

What are the key challenges facing your work?

The biggest challenge currently facing the industry is trying to understand what happened to cause the Grenfell Tower disaster, and ensuring this doesn’t happen again. In the case of Grenfell, I think the regulations failed, and it is the industry’s responsibility to make sure we keep up with construction technologies and the changing needs of the population.

What is the best building in your city?

My favourite building in Cardiff at the moment is One Central Square, next to Cardiff Central Railway Station. I just love the simplicity and repetition of it. It’s nothing extravagant, just neutral colours, but it’s well designed and that’s what I appreciate the most.

Tell us an interesting fact that nobody knows about you?

My greatest passion at home is music and going to live concerts. I particularly like rock music and my favourite band is Whitesnake – I’ve actually seen them live in concert more than a dozen times.

What is your pet hate?

The ignorance of arrogance.

Industry Bodies:
  • Member of the Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists (CIAT)
  • Member of the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB)
  • Incorporated Member of the Association for Project Safety (APS)


  • Best Male Mentor 2020, Women in Engineering and Construction Awards (Finalist)
  • Finalist


    Women in Construction and Engineering Awards 2020