Clive Tanner

Senior Associate Graphic Designer

Clive leads a team of graphic and web designers, supporting both the marketing team and our design teams with brand identities, wayfinding signage, websites, promotional materials, event display panels and presentations.

Just don’t ask him to do anything with Microsoft Word…

What’s your favourite project you’ve worked?

Going back a while, we created Stride Treglown’s 50th Anniversary book. We were briefed, but given no restrictions, so we could be as creative and inventive as we liked. With so much freedom, it really turned out the way we wanted. More recently, the 52 Big Ideas for Bristol book. Again, that was good because there was no definitive idea of what it should look like. We tend to create a lot of PDF documents, so when you get a finished bit of print and you specify materials, it’s nice to get the look and feel combined into something tactile.

Interesting fact that nobody knows about you?

When I was working in London I got into reading National Geographic while commuting and really wanted to go out and see it all for myself. I took a year out and travelled to India, Nepal, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, America, Mexico and Canada. I wanted to go without having to work anywhere, and just enjoy seeing everything. I was living on baked potatoes for a year leading up to it, but it was worth it.