David Banner

Senior Associate Architect

As chair of our Employee Forum, David empowers our staff by encouraging them to have an active involvement in how the company is run. From strategy to governance, he leads a group of 12 employees who collect feedback from staff and share this with our board of directors.

David joined our Truro office for a summer job back in 2005 and has been here throughout his qualifying years. He now leads teams on education, residential and student accommodation projects. As a visualisation specialist, he works with 3D rendering software to create incredible concept CGI’s for the early stages of a project.

What are the key challenges that affect architects today?

Keeping up with technology and integrating it into the way we work. We’ve got to be as efficient as possible with automation, scripting, programming and the utilisation of data; how we interpret that, but also how we share it with clients. These are the biggest challenges and the way we work will definitely change. We’re in a good place now, but we need to be mindful that everything is changing and changing fast. It’s possibly quite scary, but definitely interesting.

Tell us about a current project you’re working on?

I have recently started to design the Sky Academy Primary School under the MMC framework (Mod B) for the DfE. This particular school is challenging. We are working with Caledonian, the UK’s leading offsite building solution provider, to determine the most effective way to take a volumetric school layout and ensure it can be delivered to achieve Net Zero Carbon. As a DfE pilot project, we are considering options that can be rolled out to future schools. This might include design for re-use, monitoring of energy usage, increased insulation and U Values or the balance of daylighting and overheating.

Where do you see your career taking you?

Possibly in a couple of directions. I’d like to go far in Stride Treglown and would also like to continue to be creative, not just in design, but also in thinking. I like to think that I can help design some really great buildings that will have a positive impact on people’s lives. I’d also like to think I can have a positive impact on the company as a whole, not just in Truro or Plymouth.

Best networking event you’ve been to?

I helped organise a cycling event with Acorn where we did a mountain bike and a road cycle. Great weather, great cake and a chance to get to know others in the industry while cycling along Cornish lanes.

If you weren’t an architect, what would you be?

An artist. I do actually sell a bit of work – mostly Cornish landscape art. I’d love to do that permanently at some point.

Industry Bodies:
  • ARB
  • RICS SW Best Residential Project – The Dunes, Perranporth