Gareth Mason

Associate Director

A key figure in our changing approach to retail architecture, Gareth is a strong believer in image and identity, developing schemes that have a strong brand.

What is the current big trend in retail?

The whole experience of shopping has changed. It isn’t about just buying a product anymore, people want to make a day out of it and share this with others, rating their experience on social media. Across the industry, the barriers between sectors are blurring; the retail of tomorrow will offer a more seamless integration with living, working and leisure.

What are the key challenges affecting retail?

Our ability to be agile. The market is evolving and established names are struggling to adapt to the rate of change. We need to be creating destinations that people aspire to shop rather than have to shop. The trick to this is creating spaces centred on the customer journey, offering a variety of environments, encouraging people to make a day and night out of it whilst offering places to pause or relax.

What’s your favourite project you’ve worked on to date?

Our work with British Land on Nandos in Swindon has been a stand out project. It is a flagship restaurant for the park that enabled us to reinvigorate how we think about retail architecture. It really gave us the chance to deliver something that was ground-breaking and pushed the boundaries of retail design.

What advice would you give your 20 year old self?

Part of my work as divisional director is about encouraging other people as they move up in the architecture world, so my advice will be relevant to them also. Firstly, I would advise myself to have more self-confidence. If you believe in yourself it will beam out of you and others will believe in you too. Secondly, looking where I am at now, I’d assure myself that I am doing well and to continue on the up, good things are to come!

Where do you see your career taking you?

Potentially a move to London more permanently. I split my time between Bristol and London currently. I hope to build upon the great foothold we already have in our London office, continuing to make it a fun, dynamic and exciting office to work from. Industry Bodies:

  • RIBA
  • Member of REVO
  • Member of Accessible Retail
  • Frequents the Forum for Tomorrow and the Federation of Built Environment in Bristol
  • Formerly a Member of the Bristol Junior Chamber of Commerce

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