Johanna Kohlin-Clarke

Associate Interior Designer

Johanna’s passion lies in the design process where teamwork and collaboration are key. She is used to complex projects and particularly enjoys working with stakeholder groups and developing strong design concepts to reflect the client’s aspirations and identity.

Johanna is an Interior Designer with focus on higher education projects. Her work experience spans over 20 years and includes work over all the RIBA stages in many sectors such as universities, workplace, civic and healthcare. She is involved in brief developing and concept work through to completion, often in close collaboration with the architecture team.

What’s your favourite project you’ve worked on to date?

There has been lots of interesting projects, but one that I still treasure is a Culture House and Library outside of Stockholm where we worked very integrated with the Client, Architects, Landscape Architects and Artists from start to finish. Lots of truly engaged and passionate people for a new hub that made a big change to the community.

What are the key challenges that affect your sector, or are likely to in the next five years?

For the Universities we work with it is definitely how to handle life after two years of staff and students working from home. In the new hybrid working world, what’s the reason to come back to campus? How can we improve the student and staff experience and make better and more efficient use of the existing buildings?

Biggest career influence?

I had a university exchange year and worked as an apprentice in a design firm in New York. The melting pot of people and cultures I encountered, as well as the American you-can-do-it-mentality, was an eye-opener. It had a big influence on the route my professional life took from there.

If you weren’t in this career, what would you be?

Perhaps something to do with flowers or plants.

What’s the greatest invention ever?

The wheel.

Industry bodies
  • Member of Architects Sweden – Interior architect SIR/MSA
  • Education Estates 2021 – Innovation in delivering value – Health and Life Science, University of Reading (winner)
  • Education Estates 2021 – Student Experience – Health and Life Science, University of Reading (shortlisted)
  • Swedish Byggindustrin 2015 (“The Building Industry”) – Building of the Year Award – Centre for Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science (VHC) in Uppsala, University of Agricultural Sciences (nominated)
  • Stockholm Hembygdsforening 2012 – New building Award – Vallentuna Culture Centre (winner)