Neil Hattie

Associate Technologist

Neil leads the technical delivery of projects in our London office.

Having previously worked in an offsite manufacturing facility, Neil is a key member of the Stride Treglown Manufacture group. He is dedicated to improving the skills of colleagues by sharing his own knowledge of the emerging technologies associated with DfMA.

What’s your favourite project you’ve worked on to date?

The East Stand Redevelopment at Twickenham Stadium. There were many complex challenges with this project. We had to integrate our proposed design with the existing structure and deal with a multifaceted external envelope with demanding performance requirements. It was also the first time I had come across a managed contract for project delivery with a two stage tender process. It was very rewarding to be involved with the development of such an iconic sporting venue. And if I was ever offered a VIP hospitality experience when England play Ireland one day, that would really top it off!

What is the current big trend in your sector?

Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA). It doesn’t matter which sector you’re working in, offsite manufacture, supported by BIM, emerging technologies and advanced production processes, will inevitably transform the way we design many of our buildings. With the government now favouring offsite construction and many contractors and developers investing in their own factories, we, as designers, will need to further develop our skills and embrace the cultural shift in how we work. In doing so, I believe we will become more productive and efficient, allowing us time to refine our designs and focus on build quality.

What advice would you give your 20 year old self?

As a 20 year old, I was shy and suffered from a lack of confidence. If I could go back, I would tell myself, “Have more self-belief and don’t shy away from difficult tasks – you are being asked to do them because you are capable and your mentors have confidence in you!”

Best networking event you’ve been to?

Any table quiz! I’ve racked up a few trophies in my time. I love being on teams with consultants you have worked with and know quite well – that’s when you see my competitive streak start to emerge!

Pet hate?

Team members not willing to go the extra mile. When deadlines are looming, it can be very frustrating when you’re faced with a ‘it’s not my problem’ attitude. It only hinders the successful delivery of a project. When everybody pulls in the same direction, helping each other to overcome inevitable bumps in the road, it’s a much more rewarding process for everyone.

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