I am a HR Advisor and Coach; the caretaker of the largest investment in the company; our people. In 2011 I trained as a Counsellor and later as Emotional Intelligence Coach and I am now running a 1-2-1 Emotional Intelligence Coaching programme for staff which allows me to nurture that investment and watch it grow. I am passionate about creating environments where people can thrive both professionally and personally. After all is it really possible for people to separate who they are in and outside of work especially when they love what they do? I am equally as passionate about helping the business to thrive by improving company performance. For me HR isn’t about being a do-gooder, writing endless policies that no one reads or taking a ‘one hat fits all’ approach; instead it is about how we get the best and brightest people and raise the value of the practice and the services we offer our clients. In 2014 I implemented a Workplace Wellbeing Charter. In June 2015 Stride Treglown became the first Bristol organisation to achieve the top award of excellence in all 8 standards of the Workplace Wellbeing Charter. The Charter is a national award that recognises businesses committed to the health and well-being of their workforces. An achievement I am proud of.

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