Pete Badger

Associate Town Planner

Pete is a chartered town planner. He is skilled in advising people regarding the planning process, providing expert advice on planning permission, planning policy and the preparation of applications.

With a background in sustainability assessment, Pete is uniquely qualified to consider the wider implications of planning strategies on sustainability (and vice versa).

Pete is also an active member of ‘Stride Together’, Stride Treglown’s inclusion and diversity group and has a keen interest in ensuring fairness and equality of opportunity for all across the industry.

Pete, what is the current big trend in town planning?

Town Planning is constantly changing and there are a few hot topics at the moment. Ensuring ‘Biodiversity Net Gain’ is a key focus nationally and locally, and talk of ‘Net Zero’ and even ‘Carbon Negative’ developments is replacing previous discussions around ‘Low Carbon’.

What are the key challenges that affect planning?

As Stride Treglown’s Healthcare Lead within the Town Planning Team, one of the key challenges I encounter is the need to adhere to challenging timescales. With pressure to improve patient care, reduce waiting lists and ensure future resilience, securing planning permission for new healthcare facilities within very short timescales is often critical, but without sacrificing quality or attention to detail.

We continue to see many local authorities struggling with peaks in their application workload, so anticipating delays to validation and determination of applications, and taking appropriate action to reduce the impacts of that, is becoming something of an art.

Who is your biggest career influence?

My original mentor at Stride Treglown, Andrew Renshaw. I learnt a lot at university, before I joined Stride Treglown, but Andrew helped me put theory into practice and taught me the value of communicating concisely to get the right message across.

I have learnt to not just tell the client what they want to hear, but also what they need to know, even if it might not please them. It’s important to be frank and truthful and to get the right information to the right people at the right time.

And finally, what is your pet hate?

Rudeness. Efficiency and friendliness are not mutually exclusive. I work hard to build up a rapport with the people I work with, including planning officers, and I believe that a collaborative approach often pays long-term dividends, compared to a more adversarial alternative.

Industry Bodies:
  • Chartered Member of the Town Planning Institute Membership.
  • Qualified and licensed BREAAM Assessor and Accredited Professional.

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