Robert Sargent

Director | Marketing

I’m a Director at Stride Treglown, specialising in award winning mixed use projects that encompass sustainability, partnering and digital design. I love our business culture of creative design, sense of family and digital innovation. I direct our Marketing team. However, enough of the corporate me…

The real me started delivering Acro props to muddy Shropshire sites aged 18. I earned enough money to travel the world before starting the 7 year journey to become an architect. After many beers at University I discovered an interest in Tech and wrote a very serious dissertation based in 25 years’ time, proposing the digital world would take over our lives until one day society kicked back and architecture would save the day.

Now, 26 years later, I have a career built on determination to look after client interests and deliver great useable buildings for shopping, working, playing and living. I realised I am practicing what I once preached. Every day I take my love of a brave new world and help shape our business of great people, enlighten our clients and support my regular contractor and consultant counter parts. Give me a seemingly impossible task and I will find a solution.

After many years of leading Stride Treglown digitisation, I am using this experience and my adaptive thinking to deliver our Marketing strategy. A strategy that really reflects the engrained balanced culture set by Ray Stride and Gerry Treglown in 1953. A balance of real people with a thirst for real design with smart processes and the latest systems that delivers buildings people really want to use… giving refreshing respite from the unreal digital world.