Sean Peacock

Associate Director, Head of HR

As Head of HR, Sean’s focus is on making Stride Treglown a positive and inclusive workplace which supports career development and encourages transparent leadership and decision-making.

He works closely with our board directors, regional directors and team leaders to ensure the needs of the practice align with those of our employees.

What are the key challenges affecting the world of work, or are likely to in the next five years?

We are living in a world of increasing flux; politically, economically, and socially. UK business are having to consider how they will operate from home (during and after the COVID-19 crisis) and the opportunities and strains this will place on individuals, businesses, and the economy. As an organisation we are seeing this as an opportunity to move our wellbeing agenda forward with continued investment in our agile and flexible working practices. We are also committed to becoming a more inclusive and diverse organisation in an industry which sadly lacks diversity in so many ways. I have been working with Stride Treglown’s Inclusion and Diversity group on a strategy to implement changes in the way we recruit, reward, train and develop, and support our employees. As an organisation, we are proud to have placed inclusion and wellbeing at the heart of what we do and are committed to continual improvement. I am very excited that Stride Treglown has made the decision to invest in a new Learning and Development Strategy. I believe it will really benefit our employees and practice over the next 5 years and help us navigate the changes taking place around us.

If you weren’t in this career, what would you be?

Good question! Something to do with planning and problem solving. I enjoy rising to a challenge and bringing people together to achieve a collective outcome. That, or I would be running my own cider farm, enjoying sunsets over the Somerset hills.

Pet hate?

I am a real stickler for punctuality. I am the type of person who arrives at an airport or train station hours in advance, something friends and colleagues continually point out!

What is your proudest moment?

Being made Head of HR at Stride Treglown in 2019. I changed careers a few years ago, it was a leap into the dark but a necessary and important move for me. David Hunter, Elizabeth Kavanagh (our previous Head of HR) and Nicola Rich have been fantastic mentors. I’m grateful for the opportunities so many people at Stride Treglown have given me.

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