Shannon Gray

Associate Interior Designer

Initially joining Stride Treglown in 2014, Shannon left to pursue Super Yacht Design. She returned in 2022 to work in the Living and Hotels sectors as an Interior Designer.

What is the current big trend in Interior Design?

I think it’s easy to get tied into trends within Interior Design, but trends will tend to date your project very quickly. The notion of a trend ties the design to a preconceived idea of what the project should look like and not why it should look like that. The only trend I am on board with is a project designed to ensure longevity, incorporating a circular economy design ethos. Of course, this is an uphill battle with contractors and tight budgets, but it’s a worthy fight.

If you weren’t in this career, what would you be?

I am most at home when I am near the sea, even if it’s just for a walk along the beach at lunchtime to try and recalibrate my thoughts and ideas. Ideally, I’d be doing something that meant I could sail around the world and wake up in a new port whenever I felt like leaving the last.

Pet hate?

Asking what my favourite colour is. Every colour has a place somewhere, it’s all about the delivery. Why should I tie myself to a favourite?

What’s the greatest invention ever?

I’m sure I’m expected to say something profound, or perhaps something obvious, like ‘the internet’ or delve deeper into that and say ‘Pinterest for being an incredible platform for generating design ideas’… but… Cheese. Come on, it’s cheese!