Planning achieved for Polden student accommodation

17th October 2016
Planning achieved for Polden student accommodation

Planning permission has been granted for Polden, a 293 bed purpose-built student accommodation scheme at the University of Bath’s Claverton Down campus.

Designed to help the University achieve its vision “to be recognised as an international centre of research and teaching excellence”, the accommodation focuses on the latest industry thinking in how the student living and studying experience can seamlessly integrate.

The new buildings are connected by a homezone that improves pedestrian flow by linking the landscaped courtyard, student residences and neighbouring academic buildings. The design also reduces the volume and impact of vehicular traffic on the development.

Internally, study bedrooms of 16.75m² (compared to the standard 13m²) feature large windows to maximise natural light and are provided with generous storage space to create a comfortable living and study environment. Bedrooms are organised into groups of 8 to form cluster flats, with each cluster having access to a shared kitchen and dining space.

Communal lounges are shared between a maximum of 16 students. Each lounge has defined social and group study spaces and is the development of a concept introduced in The Quads student accommodation scheme in 2014, also on the University’s Claverton Campus.

Facilities at Polden will also include a gym and additional meeting suites for studying for group working. These are located on the visually prominent south east corner of the scheme, creating a strong connection to the recently completed 10West, an academic facility located opposite the Polden site.

A neutral palette of materials, including natural stone cladding, will complement the external finishes used elsewhere within the University. Perforated metal cladding panels to the circulation cores, window reveals and lower ground floor create a contrast of textures to the facade and allow dappled light within the interior spaces. This theme is carried through to the landscape design where rock filled gabion baskets form retaining walls.

The proposed buildings range from 4 storeys at the north end of the site adjacent to Polden Court to 7 storeys at the Quarry Road junction, taking advantage of the natural slope in the site from north to south.

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