DfE Framework Bid with Goldbeck

Goldbeck Construction
Bid submitted 2021

A concept school design and bid submission to be selected for the DfE Framework 2021

The Department for Education (DfE) are tendering for a £7bn school building programme. For a contractor to be selected onto the four year long Construction Framework, they must prepare a detailed bid submission. The DfE have prepared two concept projects for the contractor and their selected teams to design and price.

For this project, we are assisting Goldbeck Construction who are a German contractor specialising in modular construction. Goldbeck have delivered numerous schools in Germany but want to expand into the UK market.

The DfE Framework is split into different bands based on cost, Goldbeck are bidding for the medium value band which is projects valued at £6 to £12 million.

Stride Treglown has decades of experience working on projects for the DfE and have an in-depth working knowledge of their Output Specification and the process required to complete a DfE school. This knowledge has given us the opportunity to guide Goldbeck through the complex DfE procedures.

We have worked with the Goldbeck team to design a new secondary school building. Following this we assisted with the responses to the numerous bid questions. Responding to the questions in a clear concise format to ensure efficient use of the limited allocation for a word count and visuals.

Working to the new DfE Sustainability Annex, this project included the current strategy of cross ventilation. This proposal uses stack ventilation within the corridor to draw the hot air out through louvers at high level. An additional benefit of these open voids allows for light to penetrate through the corridors which have previously been quite dark spaces. During the design process we developed this strategy to ensure compliance for fire regulations and acoustic requirements.

Another innovate building solution is the green roof which will provide extra insulation, can slow water run off, and provides a habitat for wildlife. There are specific green roof systems which can be used with photovoltaic panels which the project requires.

The Goldbeck modular system is a fantastic solution for efficient construction. Their modular concrete wall panels can be installed with the windows already installed resulting in the building becoming watertight faster than traditional construction. The windows can be installed with external blinds as a standard element preventing unwanted heat entering the building.

Their modular system used in Germany can easily to adapted to the work effectively with the DfE standardised grid system.