Great Bow Yard

Langport, Somerset
South West Eco Homes
12 properties
EcoHomes 'Excellent'

Winning design for low energy houses

Winning a competition on a unique, beautiful riverside location gave us the opportunity to design two types of low energy housing.

Both in terrace form, each set of housing differs in orientation to make the most of a natural site. One terrace features a sunspace-based passive solar design to utilise high thermal mass, while the other uses highly insulated timber frame lightweight construction.

With traditional materials used in a contemporary way, the design is drawn from the local vernacular.

Using these two housing types has allowed our client to undertake an “in use” analysis of the merits of each in a rural location. The development achieved a BREEAM EcoHomes ‘Excellent’ rating.

In 2022, a resident of Great Bow Yard got in contact with us, their feedback references the energy crisis of 2022:

We love the houses you designed, they are a pleasure to live in. Many of the original owners are still here and the development is a talking point with the occasional overseas visitor seeking it out.

As far as heating goes, they are proving their worth in this difficult time. Many thanks for your foresight all those years ago!