Sainsbury’s, Ottery St Mary

Ottery St Mary
'Very Good' at design stage

A supermarket in a Grade II listed estate

This is a 20,000sqft food store with 124 space car park on a very sensitive site of Archaeological interest in the centre of Ottery St Mary, which achieved BREEAM “very good” at Design Stage. It lies within the Grade II listed, Chanter House Estate on a former orchard and council car park and is divided by a 19th Century listed wall. The aim was to achieve a balance between a modern building and the surrounding site of Heritage significance.

To preserve the character of the site and adhere to planning conditions the listed walls were retained, restored and incorporated into the scheme. Preserved trees were protected during the building works and we took care to prevent damage to them in the long term. High quality materials were used to reflect the local character and streetscape. The succession of mono-pitch roofs help break up the mass of building and help keep it in context with its surroundings.

Party wall consents for a new supermarket

We were appointed by Sainsbury’s Supermarkets Ltd to provide preliminary advice to the client and to the design team and then to proceed with formalities under the Party Wall etc Act 1996. The project involved the construction of a new store and required notice of adjacent excavations to be served to three adjoining owners. We discussed the project with the adjoining owners in advance of issuing notice with a view to addressing any concerns. All adjoining owners subsequently consented.

The project also required a line of junction notice to be issued to another owner to the north. We were able to advise the design team of the implications of the Act and the design was subsequently amended to move a proposed retaining wall away from the boundary so that notice was not required.