Celebrating Employee Ownership Day

Celebrating Employee Ownership Day

What an interesting few weeks it has been…

In the days following the UK decision to leave the EU I have found myself feeling a mixture of emotion. After the initial shock of waking up at 3am in the morning hoping it was all a bad dream, then reaching the conclusion that the exceptional political leadership I needed now wasn’t going to come anytime soon, I found myself reaching out to family, friends, colleagues…anyone for a glimmer of hope all will be well. Uncertainty can feel scary and I took some comfort in knowing I was not alone in my concerns.

Today Stride Treglown is celebrating Employee Ownership day #EODay. In many ways the day has become all the more poignant because never have we seen so clearly the importance of everyone working together for the greater good and recognising that we’re all essential parts of a bigger whole.

To mark this occasion, today we’re launching a project to celebrate the ‘people’ who make Stride Treglown great. By the end of the year, we are looking to create an Employee Yearbook, which will feature interesting facts, information and quotes from all of our staff.

Whatever the future holds, we can take comfort in the fact that Stride Treglown will be in the best position to face uncertainty because of the talented and committed people who work here.

Our Employee Ownership Facts

  • 48% of staff took the opportunity to invest in Stride Treglown when the shares first went on offer during 2015
  • 77% of staff would like the opportunity to pursue shares in the future (Strides employee engagement survey, 2015)
  • Research carried out via the University of the West of England found we had overwhelmingly high levels of staff engagement at 82%, compared to the private sector average of 36% (CIPD, 2015)
  • The same research found that 91.7% of our staff were positive about becoming employee owned
  • In 2015 we became 1st company in UK to achieve the top award of Excellence in the Workplace Wellbeing Charter
  • In 2016 we won the ‘Most Improved Happy and Healthy’ award by Go Green.
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