Healthy Hospitality: Manchester Style

19th October 2018
Healthy Hospitality: Manchester Style

On a night when two major conferences overlapped in Manchester, we opened our office doors and said “Come on in, Chuck!”

Our #HealthyHospitality event brought together some of those who were in the city for the Healthcare Estates and Annual Hotel Conferences. In doing so, we asked: what can hospitality and healthcare learn from one another?

The night was informal, yet collaborative and with purpose. We showed work across the two sectors – including “Adventures to the Outside Inn” by Ieuan Evans; a project laid out in comic-form about a hotel set in a dystopian future.

A ‘provocations wall’ invited guests to contribute to the theme of the night by pinning up their thoughts, drawings and photos. We had some great responses…


Placemaking is the focus of much development – how can hotels and hospitals play a wider community role?

  • “How about enhancing retail spaces for both?”
  • “They should open their unused spaces for local communities to use in the evenings and at weekends.”
  • “Can hotel rooms and workspace be integrated?”

Customer experience is central to hotel design. Should hospitals learn from this?

  • “Yes! The customer journey from arrival to ‘bed’ needs to be legible and welcoming – not illegible and scary.”
  • “More patterns, textures and textiles in hospitals.”
  • “Dressing gowns rather than backless gowns!”

Hotels use standardised designs to reduce cost and improve efficiency. Should hospitals do the same?

  • “No! Hotel developers are different to hospital developers.”
  • “Absolutely not!”

Wellness and wellbeing are inextricably linked. Good design promotes wellbeing. How can hospital design learn from hotels to promote wellbeing?

  • “Quiet, cellular rooms and relax zones.”
  • “Welcoming entrances.”
  • “Mini bars!”

Thank you to everyone who popped in for a quick check-up and to those who got stuck into a healthy debate! We hope you left feeling entertained, informed and well-fed!

Same time next year?



“Adventures to the Outside Inn” by Ieuan Evans, Daniel Hutchinson and Ashley Scott, is currently being shown at RWA Bristol at their annual open exhibition – one of 200 artworks shortlisted from over 3000.

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