Help shape Southampton’s future

10th September 2021
Help shape Southampton’s future

Have you got a great idea for Southampton? We want to hear about it.

We have teamed up with BECG, fellow built environment and placemaking experts, to launch Big Ideas for Southampton. With offices in and around Southampton, we are keen to explore innovative and sustainable ways, in a post Covid world, of turning the city’s streets and open spaces into cultural arenas that will appeal to the local community and visitors.

We want your help to identify fun, clever, ambitious, simple, effective, wacky, sensible, alternative ideas that can help to merge culture with places all around Southampton. Do you want to drive change or bring a smile to people’s faces? Any idea is a big idea when it can enhance the fantastic community spirit of the city.

Share your big idea

Share your Big Idea with us and watch it join many others on the Big Ideas website, which we hope will serve as inspiration, and some might just become reality! A selection of ideas will also be published later this year in a specially printed book.

The time is now!

The City of Southampton is aiming to become the UK’s City of Culture in 2025. Should Southampton be successful, the city will host a year-long programme of events that celebrates its heritage, culture, creativity and ambitions. Irrespective of the outcome of the bid, this is an amazing opportunity for the city to be bold in establishing a new Southampton brand of culture.

So are you ready to reimagine Southampton? Head over to the Big Ideas website and share you big idea. Why not check out our 52 Big Ideas for Bristol book for inspiration?