The Bio-‘Dough’m

Our entry for the 2022 Gingerbread City

The theme of this year’s exhibition is ‘Designing for Different Climates’. With that in mind, our star bakers looked to address the climate emergency with a big slice of circular economy practice and a healthy sprinkle of sustainable design.

Island Life

Icebreaker Island is home to a scientific community who monitor climate change, upcycle marine pollution and protect the polar ice caps.

Located in the most isolated and desolate of climates, the island experiences dangerously low temperatures and little to no daylight. It’s also the last known location on Earth where skiing is still possible!

Let’s show you ‘round

The Bio-‘Dough’m is the centrepiece of Ice Breaker Island. Peek through the bready biosphere to find a garden of Eden for our icy islanders.

Bakingtin Tower is a vertical igloo habitat that provides a bakey-warm environment. Here, islanders maintain a good crumb and rise well.

The ‘Skeed Vault’ is a repository for the world’s seed collection and just happens to be shaped like a ski jump at the bottom of meringue mountain. Handy, that.

The Recylcoctopus swims in the ocean surrounding the island, working with the islanders to collect plastic waste for upcycling into seasonal gifts. These are magically distributed annually by a mysterious local…

Ho ho hmmmm…

The Prouvé is in the pudding

Taking cues from the traditional igloo and the architecture of Jean Prouvé and Kisho Kurokawa, the architecture of Ice Breaker Island is built to withstand extreme weather conditions whilst providing a comfortable and tasty living environment.

Baking Alaska

The islanders live in harmony with the environment and the local wildlife. Penguins take (to) the piste and Seals bake in the sun on Ginger Crunch beach. But it’s not all sweetness and light. The islanders are very concerned about the rising temperatures and are continually exploring ways to replenish the ice.

The digestif

Our bake demonstrates the importance of sustainable architecture, using fewer resources to build and to live, and the value of upcycling waste to produce a sustainable, sweet future. A model, we hope, for future communities to live within the earth’s ecological ceiling.

Our star bakers

The Gingerbread City has become a Christmas tradition for our London team. Each year they let their imaginations run wild as they whip up a vision of a scrumptious future city, where anything is possible. We’re proud to say last year’s entry, Dammie Dodger, won the coveted People’s Vote.

They hope their tasty designs help to inspire the next generation of city-shapers.

Gingerbread City_2022_LowRES_17
Gingerbread City_2022_LowRES_14
Gingerbread City_2022_LowRES_66
Gingerbread City_2022_LowRES_64
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