Chloe Madge

Associate Architect

Chloe is an associate architect and project runner working in the Healthcare sector. She strives to design and deliver positive and enriched hospital environments for patients, staff and visitors.

What’s your favourite project you’ve worked on to date?

It would have to be the Mother and Baby Unit in Tonna Hospital, Neath. This scheme was particularly close to my heart as it was designed during the very early months of Covid, which was a challenge in itself. My maternity leave coincided with the onsite delivery of the scheme, and I returned to work just in time to see it complete.

The fact that I was able to work so closely with Mums who had previously used the service was an absolute privilege. They were candid and honest and their input really drove the consideration and determination of everyone involved.

What are the key challenges that affect your sector, or are likely to in the next five years?

I’m particularly interested in is how sustainability is incorporated into healthcare, especially within refurbishment schemes. Hospitals have existing building and services strategies in place, which typically set the majority of the parameters we have to design and work within. For successful sustainability improvements to be made, it needs to be a key driver and focus for the client from the outset. ‘Sustainability’ is most beneficial when it embraces flexibility, which is another healthcare challenge, so I’m very interested to see how this develops in the long-term.

What is your proudest moment?

As cheesy as it sounds, I’d have to say qualifying as an Architect. I didn’t enjoy my Part 1 and graduated feeling unbelievably lost. It’s taken hours of hard work, dedication and determination, (especially when juggling a family!) but I made it to the other side and I’m so proud that I did.

What advice would you give your 20 year old self?

It all works out in the end – stick at it!

If you weren’t in this career, what would you be?

I would probably be a dairy goat farmer. I had some of the best moments in my life working on a dairy farm in California and could have stayed there forever! Despite not actually liking goats cheese…