Danny Harris

Head of Schools & Colleges

Danny enjoys the diversity of working across the education sector and designing well-informed buildings through collaboration with the end users.

Danny is Head of Schools & Colleges and leads education projects across the UK. His expertise lies in stakeholder engagement and design with a focus on researching and designing for the exact needs of the end user.

If you weren’t in this career, what would you be?

I would love to be a football manager. I had a taste of this before I went to University, having set up a local Sunday team. The team spirit, camaraderie and social aspects have a lot in common with the studio culture of architecture, especially with a design competition entry or big deadline where everyone pulls together to make something special.

What’s your favourite project you’ve worked on to date?

I have been lucky to work on so many good projects in such a short space of time. During my Part 1 placement year, I worked on the joinery packages of a small Japanese inspired art studio, with lots of exposed Douglas Fir.

At Stride Treglown, I spent five years in the HE sector as Project Architect for the Health and Life Sciences building at University of Reading. I learnt so much about the design of laboratories and how important science research is for society.

Now, I am working on an exciting 8-storey school in London, which will be one of the highest for primary-age in the UK. The prospect of breaking new ground both excites and keeps me up at night.

What are the key challenges that affect your sector, or are likely to in the next five years?

When will we stop teaching in the old Victorian way, with rows of children all facing the front of the class? This method will not teach children to solve the problems of the 21st Century.

It won’t be long before AR and VR really take off through emerging EdTech. Think of immersive environments, endless learning resources in the Metaverse and gaming used to enhance teaching methods.

Interesting fact that nobody knows about you?
I used to DJ before I started at university and I love all Tamla Motown and Northern Soul music. It’s still my ‘most listened to’ genre today. I also love music festivals and have been to Bencassim in Spain several times.

Best building in your city?

I would have to describe it as a ‘walking tour’ because there are so many buildings around the Harbourside that I like. At one end you have the incredible Bristol Byzantine style with the Granary on Welsh Back, Robinson’s warehouse on Bathurst Basin and the Arnofini art gallery.

This extends along the south part of the river with M-Shed, the Wapping Wharf shipping containers, converted tea-packing factory Spike Island Studios, SS Great Britain (not a building, but fantastic structure) and the boat workshops at Underfall Yard.

Back across the north side of the harbour, there is the colourful housing going up Hotwells and Cliftonwood, then along to the Millennium Promenade, which is planted a little like the High Line in New York. Finally arriving At-Bristol, now known as ‘We The Curious.’ A perfect Saturday afternoon stroll.

I must not forget to extend the tour back round Broad Quay to King’s Street and Left Handed Giant brew-pub in Finzel’s Reach, to enjoy a few of the best beers in the city after that long walk.

Industry bodies:
  • RIBA
  • ARB
  • Academy of Urbanism


  • 2019 – G4C South West Future Leader, Winner
  • Winner

    G4C Future Leader

    Constructing Excellence South West 2019

  • Shortlisted

    Young Achiever

    South West Built Environment Awards 2019